what is 5018?

5018 is a short film about the lasting impact of racism and injustice in America. 

1950’s Joe and Lisa are living in a world filled with grief and fear. After losing their five year old son Junior at the hands of the KKK, this family must begin to pick up the pieces of their lives. A life without their son. 2018’s Joe and Lisa have lost their five year old son to police brutality. Both families discover that grief has many faces and through a series of events uncover that,

even with time to separate us, we are all the same.

5018 will be told in parallel. The story begins in the 1950's at a dinner table. After a series of events, we transition into the home of Lisa and Joe in 2018. This story is also told around the dinner table. The process of traveling between these worlds is repeated throughout the film and is ushered in by the use of television


Why Television Static?

It seems like everyday there is a new tragedy for us to process. Often times, we mourn the loss for an hour or even a day and then we move on. This process becomes more redunant and we as a community become desynsetized to these occurrences. iin 5018, we aim to inpsire our viewers to take a deeper look

at tragic events and join us in facilitating healing for hurting families.

who is the filmmaker?

Britny Horton is the writer and producer of this project. She is currently pursuing her MFA from the University of Iowa. Prior to attending school, Britny worked as a Casting Associate for Tyler Perry Studios and Pierre Casting in Atlanta, GA. As a producer, she has created several digital projects and a podcast CurvyConfidence. For more information on Britny and her work, please visit: http://www.britnyhorton.com

Britny is also being joined by Clifford L. Johnson, Christian Robinson and Ben Bazmore.

what do we need?

We are looking to raise $16,000 in order to shoot this film. The film will be shot in Atlanta, GA and we are looking to cover expenses for production, post, travel, cast, crew, crafty and more. Below is a sample breakdown of how the money will be used for 5018. Please note: This is a sample and does not accurately depict how money will be used or allocated. 

  • Cast (4): $1,500.00 

    • This project is a union (SAG) project. Due to this, all actors must be paid a certain rate. It is our priority to pay our actors well for their time. We honor their art and for this reason, we aim to pay them for their work. 

  • Crew (Makeup, Costumes, Lighting, Hair, Post Production, DP, AD and more): $3,000.00

    • It will cost approximately $3,000 to pay our production and post production crew. Our script is 12 pages long and involves special effects. As a result, it is important that we hire the best of the best and we need your help to do that! 

  • Crafty: $500.00 

    • Well, let's just be honest, this is the most important part. Feeding the cast and crew is important and ensures that we have a smooth shoot. We need your help to keep everyone full, happy and healthy. 

We know that investing money in a project is a big decision. Any help that you provide is appreciated and honored. To show you how much we appreciate you, we have set up a list of incentives. Your donation is appreciated and we hope that our incentives show you just how much.

the impact? 

To be fully transparent, 5018 is not a "new" story. It is story that many of us have either lived or experienced on television. The story happens so much that we have become desensitized to the slayings of young black men. Because of this, we are taking this story and focusing on the family dynamic. What happens when a loved one is lost? How is mental health impacted? How do families either come together or fall apart? In this film, we will take a look at all of these questions; not to answer them but to create dialogue aimed towards healing. 

what are the risk?

There are many risk when investing in film. Here are some that we can foresee: 

  • We could fail. 

    • Honestly, this whole thing could not work out and all of your money could be wasted. We could lose the footage, we could lose an actor, the whole project could fall through. Luckily, I have produced projects that have failed and I have learned. I have over six years of industry experience and my team has even more. We are fail proof.

  • You may not see a return on your investement

    • Film is tricky. As much as I would love to ensure you that you will get 150% return on your investment, I can't. I can tell you that once the film is shot and edited we will host two private screening and submit to film festivals (both international and domestic). We will get as many eyes on this as possible by leveraging our connections. Through these connections, I hope to make this a lucrative investment for all. 

  • You could hate the film. 

    • Art is subjective. You may love the idea and hate the project. That is just honest. We hope that it is a project that you can get behind and enjoy. 

It is very important to me to be open and honest about the risk. Film and art is risky but what I can ensure you is that this will be a project with heart. We will use this project to advocate for the young men and women in our community and we will commemorate those who have transitioned. We are positioned to honor our ancestors through this work and we hope that you will join us on this ride. 

other ways you can help?

Can't contribute financially? That is okay! Please share this page. We need as many eyes as we can get on this project. This is our art. This is our activism and we can't do it without YOU.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will we be able to see the film?

Yes! We will host two special screenings for everyone who donates. Not able to make it? No problem. A private link will be shared upon the film's completion.

What is your track record?

I have worked in the industry professionally for six years. I have worked as an actor, associate producer, assistant director, assistant to the director, agent assistant and more. I also have experience with international film festivals.

Can we see how the money will be used?

Yes! I will make sure that all information is available for all of our donors. I believe in being as transparent as possible. We should all be proud of where we invest our money.

Anymore Questions?

If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact me at britnyhorton@gmail.com!


Thanks for submitting!